Sunday, November 16, 2008

my little helper

Jake is getting to the age that he really like to help me do whatever I am working on. Most the time it works out fine. He helps me load the dishwasher and the washing machine. He also helps me make the beds and cook. So after eating a messy dinner he went to go wash his hands and said he would wash Ashley's. This is what I found.

I might as well wash my hair

sink and both kids covered in soap

mom caught us

I guess Jake wanted to help make breakfast but is didn't quite work as planned.

"Sorry mom." Look at that sad little face. Don't mind the unders. I am not sure how he got the shells in the pan and the egg on the floor. Some day this boy is going to be a really good cook like his dad. Gotta love em


kara said...

what a cutie!!! how did you make your, M? it's so cool!!!

Amy Jean said...

very cute! miss you guys around here

kara said...

us & our secret tricks :)...hehehe!

Stefnee said...

Hi Julie,

This is Stephanie Bales currently of Idaho :). I have been thinking of you lately and I typed everything I could think of until I found your blogspot page. Your kids are darling, I hope you are well I have an account but I don't really know much about blogging. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I think I was laughing for about an hour after reading this...yep I pretty much did. I love that jake just washed his hair...oh man. LOVE HIM!

Anonymous said...

oh and you better be grateful I'm posting like a hundred comments...haha.

Bri or Aaron said...

How funny! Easton is good at making popcorn.