Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jack Pot

Today I hit the Jack pot of all yard sales. I love a good yard sale. I got a gas weedeater for $3.00 and it works!! You can't beat that. A MP3 player, a canon point and shoot camera, 4 dvds, a really nice pan and couple other things all for under $50. It is days like this that Matt is even proud. I rubbed in don't worry. He hates my yard sale addiction. happy day
PS this pic has nothing to do with this post, but isn't she cute

Friday, June 20, 2008

I can't seem to keep up with all the mess

Ok. I normally don't do much journaling. I just post pictures and a couple lines if that. But today I am going crazy, so I thought that I might try an actual question.

My little Jake makes so much mess it is starting to become a huge problem. For example: Today he woke up and dumped his piggy bank out all over the floor and starting through the coins around for some reason. I decide that I would wait to pick up the scatted change and make breakfast. By the time I finish he has managed to pee all over the toilet, throw coin everywhere else in the house, and rip the mail tiny pieces I had on the table. While the kids are eating I pick up the coins clean the toilet and try to sort the small papers for anything important. I finish just in time to get to the table and food is everywhere! It is on the floor, the chair and the table, I would be Ok with that but... squashed into every crevice of his hands the all over his face. The plate is face down and he continues to rub it all over singing a happy little song. I don't know if he even ate any. I work quickly to get that huge mess cleaned starting with the happy little singing boy, so that he doesn't spread it to the whole house. Then I move to the chair and the table. Ash is screaming wanting to get out of the child restraining high chair, and move to the floor. I get Ash and finish. but not really finish because there is still dishes in the sink and now two more outfits of clothes completely non salvageable.

I decide that I will work in the yard and I wont really worry if the kids get dirty. Little did I know that both kids will have dumped over a flower pot and have a dirt throwing contest giggling the whole time. I decide to let them because the are so happy to to play. It is to late to even try to keep them reasonably clean and continue weeding. When Ash is crying because she can't see through the dirt layer on her eyelids I step in and put them both into the bath. they are both crying now because I broke up the party and in the bath they go. I am exhausted and there is no end in sight. I know I will have to completely scrub the tub because of the huge ring of dirt, get the kids redressed and do at least another load of laundry, finish doing the breakfast dishes and it is almost time to start fixing lunch.

I can't keep up with it. there has got to be a better way to do it. and still have a happy, fun, family. Can I change this or do I need to just enjoy it?

Monday, June 9, 2008


So Jake is in a little preschool and we take turns every week and teach a different letter. Today was the letter M so we made us into five little monkeys and jumped on a pretend bed. The kids had fun. I love those cute kids. It is fun to see how Jake acts with his friends.

Thursday, June 5, 2008