Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ashley is growing up

My baby ( well the one not in my tummy) is growing up. She is so fun. She has a way with people she can read people like a glove. She is very thoughtful and unselfish when it comes to her big brother. He is everything to her. she loves him so much. THis girl hate skirts except on Sunday and loves and I mean loves Pink. She takes her "babies" (any stuffed animal or doll) and will wrap them in what ever fabric she can find, dad's shirts seem to work well. She has a giggle that is contagious and makes everyone happy. I love her to death.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Matt's Birthday

Matt's birthday was a couple weeks ago. I thought it was about time I put up some pic's about the occasion. Me and the kids went and got dad some donuts and some balloons to bring to his work. I know Matt wouldn't care that much about the balloons but the kids loved it. I asked them what color they thought dad would love and of course Jake said "blue" and Ash said "pink" (somehow my kids are crazy about the stereotypical boy/girl colors) so I got one of each and let them carry them into the hospital to go surprise dad. It was nice to really surprise Matt a little. That night there was a Church dinner so we went.

When me and Matt where dating I made him this huge chocolate cake for his birthday, after seeing it sit with me and his roommates being the only people that ate it. I found out that Matt doesn't like cake. Ever since I stress about what kind of "cake" I should make for his birthday. He would be happy with some french fries and a couple candles sticking out. He loves salty foods, but cake he normally passes. You can't have a birthday without some kind of cake/dessert. so each year I try a new one. Thus far we have had a green hulk cake, an angle food cake, and just ice cream. This year he got a donut, at least he eats donuts. This is what one looks like with 31 candles.

Matt can always make Ash laugh

Over all I think that Matt liked his day.