Friday, April 10, 2009

Matt's Birthday

Matt's birthday was a couple weeks ago. I thought it was about time I put up some pic's about the occasion. Me and the kids went and got dad some donuts and some balloons to bring to his work. I know Matt wouldn't care that much about the balloons but the kids loved it. I asked them what color they thought dad would love and of course Jake said "blue" and Ash said "pink" (somehow my kids are crazy about the stereotypical boy/girl colors) so I got one of each and let them carry them into the hospital to go surprise dad. It was nice to really surprise Matt a little. That night there was a Church dinner so we went.

When me and Matt where dating I made him this huge chocolate cake for his birthday, after seeing it sit with me and his roommates being the only people that ate it. I found out that Matt doesn't like cake. Ever since I stress about what kind of "cake" I should make for his birthday. He would be happy with some french fries and a couple candles sticking out. He loves salty foods, but cake he normally passes. You can't have a birthday without some kind of cake/dessert. so each year I try a new one. Thus far we have had a green hulk cake, an angle food cake, and just ice cream. This year he got a donut, at least he eats donuts. This is what one looks like with 31 candles.

Matt can always make Ash laugh

Over all I think that Matt liked his day.


Meg said...

Hey Julie,

Tim doesn't like cake either, so I make him a cheesecake each year, and he loves that.

randi said...

Happy Birthday Dr. Mizukawa!!!

Carrie said...

Do they have Krispy Kreme out there? I think of Matt everytime I see the "HOT and ready" sign on. We love you Matt!
Wow, 31. Really? He's old. ;)

Cindy said...

I like the donut with that many candles. It makes it look like he's really old ;) How are you guys doing?

Heather said...

Happy late birthday old man! I love the candles on the donut :) Hope your having fun in AL!