Sunday, November 2, 2008

3,2,1 Blast off

This year Jake actually had a preference on what he wanted to be for Halloween. At first he wanted to be anything BLUE. it's his favorite color. A blue Tractor, A blue Race car, A blue monster truck, any of those would have done. But when we went to Birmingham to visit my sister in law, we passed a model Rocket ship on the freeway. He was sold He wanted to be a rocket ship! I had no idea how to make him into a rocket ship. I tried to make him into a farmer because that was easy but no, only a rocket ship would do. I checked in stores and no rocket ships. I was going to somehow make it. I mentioned it to someone and they said that they made one a couple years ago, perfect. I went and looked at it and it was so cute. Thanks he loved it!

Here is Jake "blasting off"

It was equipped with the cargo carrier and all.

My favorite part is the flames coming out the bottom.


brandonandglendafamily said...

I love it. but where is the picture of our favorite pumpkin?

danielle said...

Oh my gosh... a rocket how fun! I've never seen anything like that before.

Ps. I'm a junkie too!

Anonymous said...

Love it. haha that is so cute, Jake fits it so well.