Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two Months

This little girl has been such a joy. The last two months have been so nice. I think that just her sweet Innocent spirit has made our home calmer and more wonderful. She loves her mom. She likes to cuddle. Gets fussy around 8:00. Loves to be held and sleeps in the car. Started smiling a couple weeks ago and her face just lights up. Is a angel and I am lucky she came to our family. Jake and ASh couldn't love her more. Jake gets so excited when she smiles at him after he is smiling in her face for a couple minutes. And Ash will make sure that I know if ever Makaywa starts to cry.


Carrie said...

"Aw, she's so cute!"
Those were the words coming out of every person here when they saw that picture.
Eliza is smitten with her eyes. She's now going around and checking everyone's eyes to see how they compare.
Keep the pictures coming.
I want a copy of the picture on your banner. i love it!

Shannon said...

She's beautiful. Her lips are the perfect shape. Seriously. Beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Hi Julie,
Love the pictures! It is so nice to see you and your family and how you have become such a wonderful mother. I remember the cute younger Julie who everyone in the neighborhood just loved. Blessings to you all. I'll keep watching for those pictures!!
We recently had your mom and dad here for a visit. Love them a lot! Tell them we said "Hi".