Thursday, March 20, 2008

9:00 and two kids asleep

Here is Jake's room. I am slightly struggling with what color to paint and where to hang pics and other thing in his room so I am needing some expert advise. Or you can come to Nashville and paint. His book shelf is empty because Jake has decided to rip the covers off his books. Therefore book privileges have been taken away for a few days.
If your kids are asleep and you are taking a pics of Jake's room where are your kids?

This is MOMS bed. Needless to say was had a rough night. Ash is sick and Jake.... He doesn't stay put.


Kate said...

Oh my! We have the same bedding for our boys! I'm going to blog about Charlie's room pretty soon, and I have that same vintage airplane bedding! I love it!

We painted his room two shades of blue and it turned out great!

danielle said...

Ha..I was just going to say that Kate has that same bedding and she painted Charlie's room blue...but she already did! Anyway, it looks cute.

Cristi said...

I would be a very willing painter, but I have little to NO design ability, so I'd be no help in actually choosing the colors! I do like the idea of two shades of blue- call me when you decide and I'll be there with bells on (and a paintbrush)!

Anonymous said...

See here or here

randi said...

His room looks so cute. We were all laughing when we read about Jake tearing the covers off his books! That little guy sure has a mind of his own! We sure miss you guys!!! You need to put more pictures of those cute kids on here so we can see them!