Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Has anyone seen?

Jake loves the movie Cars. He has a couple that he plays with everyday. He got some lightning McQueen PJ and has to have the lightning McQueen sippy cup. The other night when I was putting him to bed I put on different Jams and he said "I want to wear lightning McQueen" "Jake they are dirty" "O man...... (sigh) Wash em" Well we have somehow misplaced this.


Justin and Lindsay said... is so good to hear from you! Your kids are so cute...and so big! I know three kids is a little bit insane, but we have never been happier. Hope all is well!

Khyl and Michelle and Tay said...

Yeehaw cowgirl from Tennessee! I can't believe you have been a blogger for this long, and I just barely found your page. You and your fam are so cute! You look absolutly gorgeous as usual, and well . . . I just miss ya. Give me a ring sometime.

ben & kara allen said...

julie, julie, julie! we need to talk on the phone for hours about nothing again! oh, and go blog stalking :) i miss u!