Monday, December 17, 2007

good bye lime green

Sorry to everyone that had to look at the lime green blog background for months and never updating it. Thank you Heather for the update. I think I will have to work on my blogging and take in more serious; to make sure that the two people checking it don't get bored. Other than that Jake has a bad cough and Ash is showing signs that she might crawl after all.


Carrie said...

Great update to the blog. We LOVED seeing you guys, but wish you could have stayed longer (and brought Matt). You'll have to upload Ash crawling (when she does).

Heather said...

Wow-who did that amazingly cute background for you! JK. I'm glad to see some new posts :) Yes, its time to get serious!

Carrie said...

So do we get some pointers on how we, too, can have a fab looking background?